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10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers Top best BlackBerry Apps In depth Review and analysis here on 6 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers must have list. The iPhone may have the corner on the apps market, but the good old Blackberry is still the go-to smartphone for most people in business. BlackBerry apps or BlackBerry application review here. Product Round-up Research in Motion’s BlackBerry smartphones are a staple communications tool in the business world, but also have a growing consumer base too.

With mobile apps enhancing the capabilities of these phones in both sectors, some pickings from the company’s App World seemed in order, to see what extra juice you can squeeze out of your BlackBerry

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Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

There seems to be very limited good business Apps for the blackberry smartphone spectrum. 6 Essential Blackberry Apps for Business Travelers. The iPhone may have the corner on the apps market, but the good old BlackBerry is still the go-to smartphone for many people in business.

And there are few times when one's smartphone comes in more handy than on the road. When you're traveling for business, your smartphone serves as much more than just a phone -- it's your personal organizer, your source for e-mail, and your access to the internet and your business contacts, all in one.

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

That's why it's good news thatResearch in Motionis finally stepping up witha major overhaulto its BlackBerry App World. A few of the improvements: users will be able to pay for apps through carrier billing, and the store will be much easier to search.

Time to take advantage of this update! Check out a few apps in the App World that have been designed specifically with business travelers in mind.

1. Urbanspoon

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Urbanspoon's randomizer lets luck play a role in your restaurant choices. is a comprehensive online restaurant review site that pulls together user-written reviews with information culled from blog posts,Twitter and professional reviews.

The free Urbanspoon BlackBerry app offers a gateway to that information, but with a twist: Instead of searching for particular restaurants, Urbanspoon presents a slot-machine-like suggestion engine.

Three wheels for geographic area, type of food and cost spin to present random combinations -- and a restaurant that fits those criteria. You can go for broke and spin all three, or you can "lock" each wheel independently, searching for, say, Indian restaurants in your area regardless of price, or any affordable restaurant in a specific part of whatever town you happen to be in.

It's a great way to find restaurants in new cities where you have nothing on which to base a decision -- and to rediscover familiar towns you've been to a hundred times.

2. WorldMate Live is the ultimate business travel organizer

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

WorldMate Live sets up and keeps track of your itinerary for you -- all you have to do is send your trip details (such as your flight and hotel confirmations) to a specific WorldMate email address, and the app imports your information without any manual input.

If you’re looking for an app to sort your travel needs, then WorldMate Live should be near the top of your list. From currency converter to flight adviser, to far flung weather forecaster, it is a perfect companion for travel of all kinds. With an array of options, WorldMate Live will even direct you to the nearest hotel, if you find yourself with a lost booking. If you’re heading to another city on business then it can hook you into the LinkedIn network with relevant contacts taken care of even before you arrive. Buy into the subscription and you’ll receive flight alerts with suggested alternatives, global flight schedules for virtually any route and comprehensive travel directory for airlines, hotel chains and car rental services. Don’t leave home without it.

If you’re heading to another city on business then it can hook you into the LinkedIn network with relevant contacts taken care of even before you arrive. Price: free, with membership

3. You won't get lost again with TeleNav GPS Navigator

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

If you ever need to rent a car in a new place, you won't need to hassle with shelling out for the GPS -- just use TeleNav GPS Navigator. Price: free trial for 14 days, afterwards $9.99 per month for a subscription

4. Exgis Expense & Mileage Tracker makes business trip expensing simple

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker tracks your expenses, locations, clients, and much more, as well as calculating total mileage for you based on beginning and ending readings. After you've input all your information, the app will also export all the data in to a spreadsheet for you.

Exgis offers multiple variations of this expense-tracking app -- check them all out here. Price: $9.99

Alternative, you could use this app. If you need to keep track of expenses then this is the app for you, and it’s free. It has numerous options, but it is, nonetheless, very intuitive, providing all you need to record receipts, mileage/travel and time expenses. My favourite feature is that you can take a picture of a receipt with the phone’s camera and it automatically generates an expense report based on the data. gadgetmostwanted review.

It sounds fantastic, but it depends how big and legible the receipts are, as well as the lighting and distance when taking the snapshot. With handwritten receipts or large ones, it might not extract all the details, so you need to look closely and not assume it has transferred all the data. When you’re ready you can export the create expense sheet as an Excel, XML or CSV file and works with QuickBooks too. Incidentally, in ProOnGo offers a business card reader too, that converts to VCFs, which is another handy app worth trying.

But still, we reccommend the Exgis Expense and Mileage Tracker.

5. Navita Translator breaks the language barrier

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

If you ever find yourself struggling with a language barrier, bust out your phone and take advantage of Navita Translator. This nifty translator can help you make sense of up to 50 languages, converting texts in a matter of seconds. I tested it in French, Spanish, Catalan and Bulgarian and the results are certainly useable, with translations of the more popularly spoken European languages being pretty close to the gist of what I was trying to convey. It translates from e-mails, SMS messages, web pages or by simply typing. It will even speak back your translation, however, this feature takes a while and only supports a handful of European languages.

Yet for tongue-tied traveller, having the Navita translator to hand means you won’t feel quite so lost whether abroad, at a business briefing or just checking an exotic restaurant menu. If you tire of the annoying ads at the bottom of the screen you can pay to get rid of them for a year for about a fiver.

It is capable of "speaking" over 50 languages, and it can translate words that you input, text from emails and SMS, and more. Price: free

6. Cortado Flight Mode is better than airplane mode

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Run Flight Mode before you take off, and Cortado Flight Mode will download the full text of your emails from the server, and then turn your phone to airplane mode. gadgetmostwanted review.

You can then read and answer all your emails in full, during your flight. Price: free

7. Poynt is a must for anyone who finds themselves in an unfamiliar destination

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Poynt uses your BlackBerry's location-sensing technology to pinpoint points of interest around you. You can search for restaurants, retail stores, gas stations -- anything you might need when you're on the road. Price: free

8. Buzzd

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Buzzd gathers information from Twitter, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp and user comments to let you know what places everyone is talking about.

Make an unfamiliar town come alive with Buzzd, a free app that acts as a kind of Digg for local attractions. Users vote the places and events they go to up or down and post comments, which are integrated with information from Twitter and other social networks to give an idea of what places people are talking about.

Unlike Urbanspoon, Buzzd's strong point is not restaurants but nightlife in general -- bars, clubs, even concerts and other shows. It's a great tool for finding somewhere to relax after a hard day's work or sightseeing, and for getting a taste of the local culture.

9. Mobiso

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Mobiso lets you add notes immediately after every phone call. Keep track of calls on the go with the BlackBerry version of Mobiso's Web-based contact management platform. Contacts can be synchronized with Google or Outlook; once they're imported, Mobiso automatically tracks call length for all calls or calls that meet specific criteria (for instance, only calls to and from people marked as business contacts, allowing you to keep your personal calls private).

When you complete a call, Mobiso offers the option of adding notes to describe the conversation. Your call logs can be exported from the online service as an Excel spreadsheet or imported directly into SugarCRM (using a SugarCRM plug-in) to keep your in-office and out-of-office records together.

An interesting feature is Mobiso Voice, which allows you to call into the Mobiso service and use voice commands to call individual contacts, set up conference calls or dictate e-mails. The individual version of the app is free; corporations can install Mobiso companywide with the Mobiso Enterprise service, which costs $4.99 per user

10. WeatherBug Direct

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Know what to expect in strange places with WeatherBug's forecasts. While apps like Poynt and WorldMate Live offer simple weather information, the free WeatherBug Direct app offers the depth of weather info you need to plan (and pack) just right. gadgetmostwanted review.

In addition to current weather conditions, WeatherBug offers a simple (highs, lows and conditions) yet fully detailed seven-day forecast so you have a good idea of what to expect when you reach your destination. It also offers an hour-by-hour forecast so you'll be prepared for each day's weather when you leave your hotel room in the morning. When things get really bad, WeatherBug sends emergency alerts detailing the situation.

11. MyAssist

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Have personal assistance at your fingertips with MyAssist. MyAssist places a personal assistant at your beck and call, 24 hours a day from wherever you are in the U.S. Need to make last-minute hotel reservations in an unfamiliar town? Forgot to send flowers for Mother's Day? Need a tow truck or medical attention? One click calls or e-mails your MyAssist expert, who can set you up with whatever you need: airplane bookings, limo reservations, golf or spa reservations, show or event tickets, translation services or even general trivia.

The service is $9.99 a month, not counting the services MyAssist connects you with (e.g., you'll still pay for the flowers that MyAssist arranges to have delivered). gadgetmostwanted review.

12. CarFinder

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

Find your car with the easy-to-use CarFinder. Finding your parked car in a crowded metropolitan area can be a chore, especially if it's a generic and unfamiliar rental. Using CarFinder is simple: Save the location of your car (using your BlackBerry's built-in GPS) when you get out, walk to your destination, and then click "Find your car" when you're ready to leave.

CarFinder will produce a map back to your car, or use an arrow to lead you back. It's great for finding your car in a huge airport parking lot or busy shopping mall, too -- or finding your way back to the hotel after a long sightseeing stroll. gadgetmostwanted review.

What is yout favorite then…?

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 10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers

10 Essential BlackBerry Apps For Business Travelers


Vincent on April 8, 2011 at 6:13 AM said...

These BB apps are really great for the people who often goes here and there, more helpful when moving to other countries. I use Poynt BB app moreover. Any way thanks a lot for the share dude.

Salvatiry Carlino on April 11, 2011 at 8:31 PM said...

Being away on a business trip doesn't mean that you will temporarily cut all ties from your workplace. Due to the advancement of mobile technology, you'll still be able to be kept in touch with your clients and colleagues with the use of smartphones and its applications.

iphone spy on May 21, 2011 at 12:06 AM said...

 Google Maps, usefuul for Driving directions. 
BES Server, two way reconciliation of corporate email. plus OTA replication of PIM data! Priceless. 

An ICA client would be nice!

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