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Top 5 Best iPhone Bluetooth Accessories


op 10 Best iPhone AppsAccordingly - these are what paying customers have voted the best 5 bluetooth headphones for the Apple iPhone. Bon Apetit! Motorola Bluetooth Headset H700 . There are various Bluetooth accessories introduces by iPhone developers but here you can see top 5 best iPhone Bluetooth accessories. These are very useful for iPhone owners (and other smartphone owners as well). You can use the technology to use music wirelessly, making hands-free operation, and get those pesky cables from your life. As expected, there are many Bluetooth accessories for the iPhone, you can download. It really depends what you want to do wirelessly.

1. Sonorix C3 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

It is one of the best iPhone Bluetooth accessory. It is relatively low price with high performance. If removable with caller ID and headphones, it supports A2DP for stereo audio streaming, offering up to 7 hours talk time.


2. Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset

It is also a cool iPhone Bluetooth accessory. Bluetooth headsets are not cheap by any means, but if you are looking for excellent sound eminence and noise-reducing function in your headset, this is the only one.


3. mr Handsfree carkit Genius for iPhone

No doubt it is also one of the best iPhone Bluetooth accessory. It also has a GPS speaker if you want to use your iPhone as a primary GPS.


4. Apple Travel Cable for iPhone and Bluetooth Headset

It is also very useful iPhone Bluetooth accessory. It is great accessory to own if you have a Bluetooth headset as your own. Here you can also charge your iPhone Bluetooth Headset and iPhone Sync.


5. Satechi Bluetooth Audio Transmitter Adapter for iPod / iPhone

It is also a great invention for the iPhone users. It is very useful to add Bluetooth audio streaming and AVRCP on your iPhone. Also comes with a built-in SRS WOW HD audio enhancement capability.


Plantronics do a couple of headsets and this is the top of their range. Best 5 cell phones; Best Bluetooth headsets To find more cell phone accessories, plus advice and tips on how to use them, Combined with the iPhone app, the Sound ID 510 is a truly excellent Bluetooth Sound ID 510 Blutooth headset Play CNET Video. Close. All top products This is a list of the Top 5 Best Bluetooth iPhone Accessories

Top Bluetooth Headsets. The best Bluetooth headsets, such as Jabra's chart- topping 5.Aliph Jawbone Icon. Smaller, smarter, and glitzier, Aliph's new series of iPhone 4 32GB Black Smartphone - AT&T $774.00 and up See All Prices . Five Best iPhone Bluetooth headsets. If you don't like to handle your iPhone in your hand, Bluetooth headset is the must have accessories four iPhone. Our Assessment This article lists CNET's top five Bluetooth headset choices. ... Top 10 iPhone Bluetooth Headsets (Best of iPhone)

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Top 5 Best Battery Extender for iPhone


op 10 Best iPhone AppsWith that in mind, here are 5 cool battery extenders for iPhone 3G that work best. Here is a list of top 5 best battery extenders for iPhone 4. Apple iPhone was forever much better in the battery department, since the first production. iPhone 4 you can not for a month of talk time, but you will not be charge every 2 hours. Yet with a battery extender allows you to get more from your phone if you spend some time on the street. Here are five of top battery extenders for iPhone to help you decide the Mophie Juice Pack Air is the best battery extender you cantry

1. Kensington K33457US Charging Dock with Mini Battery Pack

It is one of the best battery extender for iPhone 4. It extends time up to 30 hours music, 6 hours of video and 3 hours conversation time.


2. Satechi iCel 4800 mAh Battery Extender Pack

It is also one of the best battery extender for iPhone 4. It is external battery for iPhone and iPod to charge your cell phone and can be charged simultaneously.


3. iLuv iBA200BLK Mini Portable USB Rechargeable Battery

No doubt it is also one of the best battery extender for iPhone 4. Another very important thing of this accessory is it provides a portable external battery power for most USB-based devices.


4. Splash External Battery Pack for iPhone 4

It is also one of the best battery extender for iPhone 4G as well as it is compact outdoor battery for iPhone.


5. Konnet PowerEZ Plus External Rechargeable Battery Pack

It is also a great invention for the iPhone users. Not only can power your iPhone, it can be used as a mini-tripod for your phone as well as it provides short circuit and over current protection.


Here are 5 cool battery extenders for iPhone 3G: Top Five Android Applications for Valentine's Day · Top Ten iPhone Apps for Valentine's.  New Trent, distributor of the best battery extenders in the US market today, Designed for the the iPhone 4, it uses plastic material for the top to talk time for your iPhone or 5 hours video time for your iPad if you have one. Top 5 Best iPhone Apps For Guitarists. Posted on 19 January 2011. It is amazing how technology has advanced over Best Battery Extender for iPhone / iPad .

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Best FM Transmitters for iPhone 3GS


op 10 Best iPhone AppsSo you have gotten an iPhone and can't get enough of it? Maybe you want to take it with you on the road and listen to your music right from your car stereo? Maybe you want it with you on the road and listen to your music directly from your car radio? In any case, you can simply be done with an FM transmitter for iPhone. You can use your car hi-fi, listening to song wirelessly, so you do not deal with wires in the car. So here are top 5 best FM transmitters for iPhone 3G. This is hands down the best FM transmitter I have bought for my iPhone 3G. I have bought about 5-6 of the more known companies products only to return all that.


1. Belkin TuneBase FM w/ Hands-Free for 3GS

It is one of the best FM transmitter for iPhone 3G. This will help to listen to your favorite songs in the car. He transmits wirelessly from your iPhone to your FM car / home stereo. It charges your iPhone too. Answering the Call button and the speakers are a plus.

2. GTMax 8 In 1 FM Transmitter Car Kit

It is also a useful FM transmitter for iPhone 3G. It is an iPhone 3G charger, controller and owner. So you can simply listen to your songs, you can find the way with your GPS application and stay your iPhone even with the kit.

3. Satechi Bluetooth Hands-free Car Stereo Fm Transmitter

No doubt it is also one of the best FM transmitter for iPhone 3G. It is very useful for calls from the car.

4. Soundfly BT Ultimate Bluetooth Car Fm Transmitter

It is also a cool FM transmitter for iPhone 3G. The device sends music on all FM frequencies (87.6MHz-107.9MHz). Supports caller ID, microphones

5. Advanced Car Mount System for Apple iPhone 3G and 3G

It is also a great invention for iPhone users. It is a complete car solution for the iPhone 3G. Charges your phone, it’s still there and you can listen to your music on your car radio.

The next best thing is to obviously get a FM transmitter for your iPhone! Also, having my iPhone 3G being charged at the same time is accessories. TuneCast Auto FM transmitter works with iPhone 3G" The 24 best apps of the year? Here they are, as selected by Macworld's crack staff of iOS. FM transmitters that connect an MP3 player to a car stereo are  The i-Kit worked great with my iPhone 3G--no interference, no fade-outs. Danackerman: Just popped into NYC's flagship Best Buy store on 23rd St to Reload this Page Best FM solution for iPhone 3Gs  The sound quality is the best I've heard from any FM transmitter, no static anymore. Best FM Transmitter for iPhone 3G Buying Tips and Advice. Anyone familiar with the Setachi FM Transmitter?

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Top 5 Best iPhone 4 Battery Case


op 10 Best iPhone AppsTop 5 Best iPhone 4 Battery Case ? Here are top 5 best iPhone battery case as well as these are rechargeable. You can turn your iPhone on the road and less time worrying about finding an outlet. But let’s be honest. With the above solutions, you need an extra element to bring with them wherever they go, which can cause discomfort. Therefore, battery case iPhone so popular. They offer protection for your iPhone and load the device. While most iPhone chargers are very portable, it never hurts to have less things to have when they travel.

1. EnerG Slim-Fit Extended Rechargeable Battery Case

It is one of the best iPhone battery case as well as it is a rechargeable case. It is a 2400 mAh battery for iPhone, which has 13 extra hours of talk time.


2. splash O2 Case & Battery for iPhone 3GS

It is also one of the best iPhone battery case which give more than 5 hours extra talk time. Through this you can charge and sync your device if it is inside. It has a built in flash too!


3. New Trent IMP190 Slim-Fit Extended Rechargeable Battery Case

No doubt it is also one of the best iPhone battery case. It is 1900 mAh extended battery and a case for your iPhone 3G to 11 additional hours of talk time and acts as a protective cover is available.


4. Mophie Juice Pack Air, Case and Rechargeable Battery

It is a super slim battery case for your iPhone. Not have as much capacity as above concepts, but it does offer more protection.


5. iPartner Wave Case and Rechargeable Battery

It is also a great invention for the iPhone users.Doubling the battery life of iPhone 3G or 3G. It offers pass-through USB, so you can synchronize and recharge when the iPhone is on the inside.


That's been the case in 2010 with regards to iPhone 4 battery The alternative has to be a battery case with 2000 mAh, the very best of which would run you $99  Top 5 iPhone accessories you simply can't do without The MiLi Power Spring Battery Case, is nifty little iPhone 4 battery charger case. There is a mini 5 pin port on the bottom of the case for charging the case 20 Top iPhone Productivity Apps for Organized and Lazy

Top Stories Channels I've bought battery case after battery case and external battery after   Up to 5 hours of internet use on 3G, up to 9 hours on Wi-Fi. The best workaround for me is turning off push mail.  My iPhone 4 battery life is awful. I'm a techie, so I know to shut down.

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Best Android Apps for Business


Top 10 Best GadgetsThe Android Market has more than 150000 apps according to recent statements from Google Chairman Eric Schmidt. Discovering the best apps among the crowded. Have you decked out your Droid with business apps yet? If not, take heed: Google Android phones still have a ways to go in terms of business. Here are the results for 101 Best Android Apps in Business on 101 Best Android Apps. Vote for your favourite applications. Here's a list of useful apps for phones that run on Google's mobile platform. Best Apps -The absolute 1000 best apps for iPhone, Android Android Education Apps · Androids Business Apps · Androids Communication Apps

ASTRO File Manager (beta)

It is one of the best android app for business. This app is very useful to handle files and you can say best file manager app. Its so amazing it must be built into Android CMS core. More features are generating thumbnails for pictures and sorting everything (including your memory card). It also allows you to share, delete, move, and search your files. Perhaps the most interesting feature, although the ability to plug into the network, access your data anywhere and leave / retrieve files. I question how safe, though (especially because of its beta status). Great for storing and managing your company files on the go. This app available without any cost.



It is also another best android app for business. Through this app you can access your PayPal account. Sessions time out quickly, which is good to know because I do not want anyone to send money to my account. I’m totally confused as to why, maybe a security hole or something: Although this is a great, if you run a small business and want you to look through your PayPal account. I’m not sure how much I trust myself to get into extensive detail on the keyboard of my phone pokramarmin taking into account how many typos appear in the middle of text messages. Sending money to someone, you could extra zero literally bankrupt you.


Best Android apps Illustration by Otto SteiningerHere are the top productivity tools, .... Replacing it can open unlimited business opportunities. IF you are on the road at a social media event, be sure to have these top 10 Android apps for business loaded on your Droid. What Are the Best Android Apps? - AOL Small Business | The iPhone may generate all the buzz, Android-powered phones continue to outsell it. Whether you're running the next great business pitch from your phone 10 of the best and most useful apps for your Android smartphone

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Top 10 Best iPhone Apps for Travelers


op 10 Best iPhone AppsThe application offers the iPhone users with an exciting feature that considerable reduces their stress as they are regularly updated about regular article writer for Best Iphone Apps at Apps First . Apple's iPhone is the one of the best and popular device on the globe. ... Tagged as: apps, apps for travelers, iphone app, top 10 apps. We picks the most useful apps for travellers. Top 10 travel apps . How has the iPhone changed the way we travel?These are the best two: a simple map that makes life a little easier, or an all-singing Top 10 Must-Have iPhone Applications for Travelers accesses maps and directions, searches for hotel options best-suited for you

“When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money.  Then take half the clothes and twice the money” by Susan Heller very true but this was said back in the day when iPhone/iPad w, but now a little addition can be made to it. Gone are the days when friends were the best companion for the trip! Now friends are out iPhone/iPad is in, your friends and companion for life. With their developing applications traveling has taken a new turn now your iPhone/iPad becomes your best pals, your travel agent, your personal assistant and guide while you are on the go, shifting between places to places country to country. This slick piece of technology knows it all and guides you around too! Below are the 10 best iphone apps for travelers! Some of them come free while others are being sold for peanuts! They are a must get!!


1. Gate Maps

New to city and don’t know how to find your terminal? No worries let gate map locate it for you. It will locate your terminal and show you a visual to guide you.

2. Next Flight

You finish meeting earlier than expected and you want to rush back home but don’t know when the next flight is? Don’t panic and take your iPhone/iPad and let Next Flight find it all for you! How can  Perfect for those stuck on a layover or looking to catch an earlier flight, Next Flight tracks departures worldwide from over 4,000 airports and 1,000 airlines.

3. Flight Track Pro

An amazing application which tells you all those tiny details of your itinerary from flight status to weather update to route and other travel information which you may require.

4. Currency

Now convert over 90 different currencies through this application just at the swipe of your fingers with an accurate conversion rate.

5. Postman

Do it the old way, take a snap of the place you like most while traveling make a post card and send it to your loved ones through email, Facebook etc.

6. Sit or Squat

A very helpful application in dire situations in an unknown area! Now answer the call when the nature calls, just open sit or squat and locate the nearest washroom and release yourself!

7. Local Eats

If you are traveling in U.S and don’t know where to dine in for great food then this application would do it all for you. It will give you top 100 ranked restaurants in 50 U.S cities.

8. Flashlight

Now with this application turn your iPhone/iPad into flashlight and locate or search under its bright light.

9. The Weather Channel

With Weather Channel plan your travel clothing according to the weather of that country/city! Or just simply stay updated with your city’s weather.

10. Wi-Fi Finder

An ideal application if you are a web geek! It locates free spots where you can use WIFI for free, it knows over 200,000 spots in 135 countries. How amazing is that my personal favorite application in iPhone.

The 10 Best Free iPhone Apps For Business Travelers  TOP VIRAL VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: People Love Trick Shots And Christina Aguilera Falling. Top 13 IPhone Apps For Travelers Which are the best IPhone applications for those on the go?

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Top 10 Best Clock Apps for iPhone


iPhone Apps for Designers and DevelopersWith so many options, it's hard to pick a good clock app for your iPhone. To help you pick the best app for you, check out the top 10 iPhone for clock apps. It is one of the best iPhone alarm clock app. a smart alarm clock app for iPhone I saved $10 on my very first purchase! This app will surely. Chosen by TIME Magazine as one of the 50 Best iPhone Apps 2011! Alarm Clock Pro turns your iPhone or iPod touch into a beautiful digital clock with gorgeous themes. No doubt it is also one of the best alarm clock iPhone apps. Top 10 Best Cydia IOS4 2011 Apps Tweaks of ALL TIME | iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone all time.

1. Polar Clock

Polar Clock application is for those users who want to know the time just in a glance.  The little worms of time show the time in an informative matter. Current date and day of the week is also a feature of Polar Clock application. The circle will complete by Christmas.

2. Exquisite Clock

In this application images of numbers are submitted by users and displayed as time which can change by simple taps if bored by the same look and feel.


3. Word Clock

Though it looks a bit complicated but once you get used to it, it easy to use. The bright orange words tell the time and date. The remaining words remain still, waiting and will come into action when their time comes.  If you do not want the rotary feature you can shift to linear setting and adjust the colours and typography.

4. Nib Clock

This is favourite  among all. At first sight, it seems to be traditional analogue clock but a closer look shows a cute little animated creature. Current setting shows a worm who is on work, but there is also a buzzing bee, a boiling kettle and even a shark’s fin chasing an endangered swimmer.

5. Dotamas Clock

This cute application, shows a break-dancer who makes his move and shows you the time.

6. Pencil Clock

Many applications on iPhone are sophisticated, but the scribbly hand-drawn Pencil Clock bring a nice change. You can use it in both ways, that is analogue clock-face or a digital version.  User can set alarms and have special clock sounds playing when it is turned on.

7. Hard Readable Clock Pack

This application is an outstanding one. It includes a selection of weird unreadable clocks including hieroglyphics (note: not real hieroglyphics), binary and periodic table themes .

8. It’s a clock

This application doesn’t show the exact time, but instead tells you an estimated time such as “it’s quarted to one”.  The designers say that the application humanises the measurement of time, but still more precision is required. The application is nice with a beautiful screen saver is beautiful, but the prolong duration for the time to change defeats the object.

9. HMS

Though the digital display on the top right hand corner is a bit disappointing, but there is a  moveable and growing shape every second, and resetting with a new base shape every new minute in the center of the screen. There are tones for every second which cannot be liked everyone, but cant be turned off either so kept in silent mode.

10. Iconclock

After all the tough ones, this is a simple application. A small pixelly wristwatch which remains on the center of your iPhone screen. A simple straightforward application which is nice to look at.

Top ten cool clock apps for iPhone. By Kate Solomon on Thursday,  10 best iOS 4 apps to try on your iPhone 4 App Friday. ETTER AND FASTER than iPhone. A must have for your Android phone! The clock widget allows quick access to the Alarm Clock app, while the date widget links to the build-in Calendar with10 Best Google Nexus One Apps

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Top 10 Best Android Apps for Mothers


iPhone Apps for Designers and DevelopersTop 10 Best Android Apps for Mom ? Now, an android phone can become a mom’s best friend. Motherhood is very demanding and requires both physical and mental strength and attention. Keeping in view the responsibilities and busy schedule of mothers, android developers have come up with certain applications that can make your life easy and manageable. Top 10 Best Android Apps for Mothers . Best Android Apps. Trouble finding the best Android apps? Search for the top Google phone applications for your HTC, G1 and G2 phones

1. Our Groceries

Now it’s fun managing groceries from your android phones. You can create lists and add items onto them. Also you can synchronize your phone with your husband’s and children. Instant updates are available saving time from additional phone calls or text messages. Another attractive feature is that you can add your favourite daily receipe and the application will automatically create a list with the ingredients

2. Shop Savvy

Enter the list, worked as a clerk in a virtual demand Android, and most applications. The only function of the product to scan bar that appears at a store near perfect and the price comparison or camera phone is easy. Using another feature of the application can be integrated GPRS easy route to get to the store nearest low-cost system through a mobile phone. Shop now and save into the list.

3. My Coupons

Now save your time by carrying virtual coupans in your android phone. The mother just has to present it to the cashier and the work is done.

4. White Noise Lite

Now there’s more than a lullaby for your baby.  Through White Noise Lite application, you can choose between ten different sounds (40 for upgraded version), which will be a charm for your baby. It includes realistic sounds such as waterfall, rain, train, beachwaves, crickets and more, ensuring complete relaxation before a sweet sound sleep.

5. Days

Ideal applications for women, the period can be controlled ovulation. Just “the beginning of the period is marked yen tap. In this application, the next period will be displayed in the graphical presentation is provided of the date of ovulation and fertility. Information is also important can be added as time was taken such drugs. If a backup, you can send the results to your personal email address.

6. Doodle Kids

Doodle Kids allows you and your children to create colourful drawings and patterns and save them in the phone’s internal memory. You can choose between different colours, brushes, backgrounds and create different art work. Photos can also be edited from phone’s library. Doodle Kids is favourite among children and is demanded.

7.  Local Search

Now finding a local store is fast and easy. You just have to enter the name and the results would be displayed. Search criteria is either by distance or ratings. You can search from cafe to a drug store from the Fast Local Search application.

8.  Recipes

Save time and trouble from Healthy Recipes application. You can get around 1000 recipes with methods and ingredients along with relevant details such cooking time and nutrition facts.

9.  Days Until

With so much responsibilities and busy schedule, Days Until is a helpful application for mothers. Mark important dates and days to remember bills, birthdays, appointments etc. The application will notify you thus keeping you updated.

10.   Facebook

This application gives you a time for yourself. Log in to your account and check emails, get notifications and newsfeed etc without turning your pc on. You can have a peaceful time with this application.

Best Android Apps. Trouble finding the best Android apps? Search for the top Google phone applications for your HTC, G1 and G2 phones

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Is Your Android Phone Spying on You?


iPhone Apps for Designers and DevelopersSpy techno and electronics spy is a favourite one. Got an Android phone? Installed apps from the Android Market? Congratulations, you have been named the Mayor of We Know Where You Went and What You Did Last Week. Got an Android phone? Installed apps from the Android Market? Congratulations, you have been named the Mayor of We Know Where You Went and What You Did Last Week. Is Your Android Phone Spying on You?

Even if you never use services like Foursquare or Facebook Places or Google Latitude to announce your physical location to the world, the apps you have installed may be capturing this information and sharing it with advertisers -- without your knowledge or consent.

[ See also: Warning: Fake LinkedIn spam can steal your bank passwords ]

A study by researchers at Duke University, Penn State, and Intel Research Labs has revealed that Android apps are collecting location information from users' GPS phones and sharing them without notifying users or asking for permission.

The researchers looked at 30 popular Android apps, including The Weather Channel, MySpace, Evernote, BBC News Live Stream, Yellow Pages, and Spongebob Slide. They used a home-made tool called TaintDroid to track what data was being shared and with whom. The skinny:

  • Two thirds of these apps violated user privacy by sharing location data or information that could identify individual handsets.
  • Half of them sent user location information to advertising networks like Admob or analytics companies like Flurry without user consent.
  • Seven of the apps sent the unique device identification numbers of the GSM user and the handsets' SIM card to its servers.
  • Two of the apps captured the users' cell phone number along with the ID number and the users' geographical coordinates.


Mind you, if the police wanted this information, they'd need a court order. These apps are doling it out like candy to advertising firms and storing it on their own servers. Per the study [PDF]:

This finding demonstrates that Android's coarse-grained access control provides insufficient protection against third-party applications seeking to collect sensitive data. Moreover, we found that one application transmits the phone information every time the phone boots. While this application displays a terms of use on first use, the terms of use does not specify collection of this highly sensitive data.

The study did not name which applications shared each kind of information -- a shame, really, because the ones that did not are tarred with the same brush as the guilty ones. Me, I'd uninstall all of them, just to be safe.

Here's the full list of apps tested, both guilty and innocent:

The Weather Channel, Cestos, Solitaire, Movies, Babble, Manga Browser, Bump, Wertago, Antivirus, ABC Animals, Traffic Jam, Hearts, Blackjack, Horoscope, 3001 Wisdom Quotes Live, Yellow Pages, Dastelefonbuch, Astrid, BBC News Live Stream, Ringtones, Layer, Knocking, Barcode Scanner, Coupons, Trapster, Spongebob Slide, ProBasketBall, MySpace, ixMAT, and Evernote.

I've written before about why location privacy is important and how your location data is mostly up for grabs. But the reality is proving far worse than even I imagined. Simply by installing an app, you could be transmitting a stream of data indicating where you are 24/7 that isn't protected by any law yet on the books.

While this study was limited to Android apps, the problem is not. I expect to hear a lot more about other apps slurping up GPS and handset information, either accidentally or deliberately, on other handset platforms. The reason we're hearing about Android first is that Android is open source and easier for researchers to access.

It seems the location chickens are coming home to roost. Let's hope you don't end up with egg all over you.

When ITworld TY4NS blogger Dan Tynan isn't uninstalling Android apps, he's spreading snark across the InterWebs via eSarcasm (Geek Humor Gone Wild). Follow him on Twitter: @tynan_on_tech .

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PayPal App Lands on Droid X n start your ecommerce business


PayPal App Lands on Droid X n start your ecommerce businessSince business online is rising, then paypal is ready for your ecommerce business on droid phone. Up until Thursday, if you tried to install PayPal's mobile application for Android phones onto your Motorola Droid X smartphone you would have come up empty. If you used the phone to hunt through the Android Market for "PayPal" you would have found an eBay app, some related utilities, but the PayPal app itself would have been missing in action. That is, until now, thanks to PC World. You're welcome. PayPal App Lands on Droid X n start your ecommerce business

The PayPal app, also available for iPhones and BlackBerry devices, allows you to monitor your PayPal account balance, make payments, request money, split dinner tabs and perform other financial tasks.

PayPal App Lands on Droid X n start your ecommerce businessThe fact that it couldn't be located in the Android Market by the Droid X, an Android 2.1-based phone, seemed strange since the app was easy enough to find when the market was searched with other Android phones like the original Droid (even before it was bumped from Android 2.1 to 2.2) and the T-Mobile MyTouch 3G, which runs Android 1.6.

PayPal representatives at a press event in New York this week were unaware of the invisibility of the mobile app on the Droid X until this writer pointed it out. After a few e-mails and some investigating, a fix was made and voila! It began showing up in the Android Market on the Droid X Thursday morning.

Once in a while it pays to ask the right question.

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Verizon's Droid X: 12 Apps to Get You Started


iPhone Apps for Designers and DevelopersLadies and gentlemen, the newest Droid has officially landed. Verizon's Motorola Droid X launched across America on Thursday. The Droid X is among the most powerful Android phones to date, with a 4.3-inch display, 1GHz processor, and 720p high-resolution video recording. Plus, it's expected to receive Google's Android 2.2 upgrade within a matter of weeks, making it one of the first handsets to run the long-awaited Froyo operating system. Verizon's Droid X: 12 Apps to Get You Started what want to know about is already all here.

Droid X Apps

Thanks to Android's open ecosystem, the Droid X has countless options for customization -- a night and day change from a certain other popular smartphone platform. Much of the muscle comes from the ever-expanding Android Market, which features an uncensored and ever-expanding array of programs that let you make the most of your Android experience.

Here are 12 top-notch Droid X apps to help you get started. If this is your first Android phone, you may also want to check out my beginner's guide to getting around Android. And once you're ready to explore even further, this list of 40 Android tips and tricks should come in handy, too.

All right -- ready to begin?

Droid X App #1: Google Goggles

Droid X Apps: Google GogglesOne of the most innovative apps available for the Droid X is Google's own Google Goggles. Google Goggles, a free download in the Android Market, lets you get information about objects simply by pointing your phone at them. It can recognize landmarks, logos, artwork, businesses, and all sorts of different products.

Once you snap an image, Goggles scans and identifies it. Seconds later, it brings you detailed information about the object along with pages of relevant Web results.

When you're using the Goggles Android app to learn about a business, the program combines GPS and compass data to deliver live augmented-reality-style results. That means you can just point your phone at a building, and your phone will display the name of the business along with links to contact information and customer reviews.

Pretty cool, eh?

Droid X App #2: ShopSavvy

For on-the-fly product comparisons, the ShopSavvy Android app is tough to beat.

With ShopSavvy, available for free in the Android Market, you can quickly scan any barcode and see how much other stores -- both online and in your area -- are charging for the item. You can also check out user reviews, making this app a must-have for any tech-oriented shopping trip.

(In case you're wondering: Yes, you do get funny looks from other customers. And yes, it's definitely worth it.)

Droid X App #3: WaveSecure

Droid X Apps: WaveSecureWhile you're loading up your new Droid X with apps, music, and data, why not take a moment to protect yourself in case the phone's ever lost or stolen?

WaveSecure may be one of the most important Android apps you'll ever install. If your Droid X is missing, WaveSecure's Web site lets you remotely activate the phone's GPS system and pinpoint its exact location. If it turns out the phone's fallen into the wrong hands, one more click will remotely wipe all of your personal data from the device. And if the thief tries to swap out the SIM card, WaveSecure will automatically lock the phone down.

The WaveSecure app itself is free, but in order to use the service beyond its seven-day trial period, you'll need to pay an annual subscription fee of about $20 a year.

(Note: I've previously recommended another security-oriented Android app called Mobile Defense. It has similar functionality, but unfortunately, its developers have temporarily returned to a closed beta model and suspended all new registrations while they prepare for their next release.)

Droid X App #4: MyBackup Pro

WaveSecure can back up and restore some of your phone's data, but for an even more robust backup option, an Android app called MyBackup Pro is well worth grabbing.

MyBackup Pro, currently $4.99 in the Android Market, can back up practically everything on your phone: contacts, call logs, bookmarks, text messages, system settings, and files from all the other apps you've downloaded. MyBackup Pro can even back up your Android home screens, so if your phone's ever lost or damaged, you can restore your custom setup in seconds.

MyBackup Pro lets you schedule regular automated backups of whatever data you want to either your phone's SD card or the company's secure online servers. With the latter option, you can restore all of your information to any Android phone -- be it your current Droid X or another device -- anytime.

Droid X App #5: Google Sky Map

Droid X Apps: Google Sky MapGoogle calls its Google Sky Map for Android app a "mobile planetarium," and that's no exaggeration.

Google Sky Map, a free download from the Android Market, uses a combination of GPS data, compass data, and time and date information to help you identify planets, stars, and constellations through your phone's screen. It's like looking into space through a magic telescope.

Google Sky Map can search for specific planets and stars, too: You just type the object's name, and the app will direct you to its current location.

    Droid X App #6: DoubleTwist

    Android's default music player gets the job done, but an app called DoubleTwist makes managing your music even easier.

    The DoubleTwist Android app works seamlessly with DoubleTwist's desktop program for headache-free music synching. It's kind of like a less bloated and more pleasant version of iTunes.

    Both the DoubleTwist Android app and the DoubleTwist desktop program are free downloads.

    (Whether you use DoubleTwist or not, don't forget that you can load music onto your Droid X any way you want, including dragging and dropping files directly from your PC as if the phone were a flash drive. This ain't no iPhone, baby.)

    Droid X App #7: Astro File Manager

    Droid X Apps: AstroWhile we're on the subject of file management, a handy little program called Astro is one you'll want to install.

    Astro lets you browse your phone like a computer (yes, with Android, you can actually do that, too!). You can navigate through directories, copy or move files, delete files -- practically anything you could do within a PC-based file manager.

    Astro is available as a free, ad-supported download in the Android Market (make sure you get the program called "Astro File Manager" -- there are several similarly named utilities). If you like the app, you can opt to get the ad-free "Pro" version for $3.99.

    Droid X App #8: Pandora

    At this point, most people have heard of Pandora -- the personalized streaming music service -- but I'd be remiss if I failed to include it in a list of starter apps for your Droid X phone.

    The Pandora Android app is practically a necessity for any music lover. For the quite reasonable price of $0, the program lets you stream music from all your Pandora stations right from your Android phone. It runs in the background and even comes with its own widget, giving you a live functioning control panel right on your Android home screen.

    Droid X App #9: Places Directory

    Droid X Apps: Places DirectoryWhen you're out exploring the world, Google's free Places Directory app can prove invaluable. Places Directory uses your phone's location data to provide you with lists of nearby businesses -- restaurants, banks, hotels, you name it -- all broken down into categories. This thing has come in handy more times than I could possibly count, especially when traveling in unfamiliar cities.

    Once you select a place, Places Directory gives you its address, phone number, and a measure of how far it is from your current location. With one tap of your screen, you can call the business. With another tap, you can get turn-by-turn directions for walking, driving, or taking public transportation.

    Of course, you can find opinions, too: Google's Places Directory compiles user reviews for each business from a variety of online review sites.

    Droid X App #10: Car Locator

    If you're like me and have an awful short-term memory, the Car Locator app for Android can be a real life-saver.

    Car Locator, $3.99 in the Android Market (also available in a free 10-use trial version), makes it impossible to forget where you parked the car. You can save your car's location anytime by using a one-touch home screen widget, or you can instruct the app to automatically save your location every time your Bluetooth earpiece disconnects. Then, when it's time to track the car down, Car Locator gives you a map along with directions.

    Being a dodo-head has never been less embarrassing.

    Droid X App #11: Gesture Search

    Droid X Apps: Gesture SearchAndroid phones have system-wide voice search, but sometimes it's easier to let your fingers do the talking. Google's free Gesture Search app for Android is the way to make that happen.

    With Gesture Search, you draw letters to browse through your phone's contacts, apps, bookmarks, and music. As you draw more letters and move closer to spelling a word, the Gesture Search app narrows down the list of relevant results.

    I often use this in place of scrolling through my contacts list or music list to find what I want. It's really a cool little program.

    Droid X App #12: Metal Detector

    The final Android app on our Droid X starter list is one that's more for fun -- and maybe showing off -- than functionality.

    Metal Detector, available for free in the Android Market, does just what you'd imagine: It detects metal. As you move your phone over various objects, an on-screen meter jumps around to indicate the level of metal content. When you strike gold, so to speak, the app buzzes and plays a sound. (If it isn't working reliably when you first try it, head into the app's "Settings" menu and play around with the sensitivity values. That usually does the trick.)

    Now, unless you're that weird dude on the beach, you probably won't actually need this app too often -- but it's guaranteed to attract some serious attention and make you the envy of any geek-heavy party.

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    iPhone 4 vs Android: And the winner is...


    iPhone 4 vs. AndroidiPhone 4 vs. Android ? Apple unveiled its latest magical and revolutionary product this week: the new iPhone 4, also known as "the phone that guy from Gizmodo showed us seven weeks ago." From a hardware perspective, the new iPhone is a significant improvement over Apple's last offering. And on the software side, the updated operating system brings about numerous capabilities previously unavailable to iPhone users. iPhone 4 versus Android whos the winner is ?

    The problem, though, is that most of the iPhone's new features feel like incremental upgrades, not game-changing innovations. Put simply, the new iPhone is a step forward within Apple's world -- but outside of that walled garden, it's still worlds behind.iPhone 4 vs. Android

    Apple's iPhone 4 vs. Android: The Basics

    Let's go through the biggest selling points of Apple's new iPhone 4, as outlined by Steve Jobs in his keynote on Monday:

    • It's pretty. The new iPhone has an updated design, with a thin 9.3-millimeter profile and a stainless steel shell.

    iPhone versus Android

    JR Raphael:
    Apple's fallen and it can't get up
    Jonny Evans:
    The Android star is rising, how will Apple respond?
    Mitch Wagner:
    Switching from iPhone to Android
    Preston Gralla:
    5 reasons Mitch should switch
    JR Raphael:
    iPhone 4 vs. Android: And the winner is...
    Preston Gralla:
    Seven reasons Android 2.2 Froyo beats the iPhone
    Jason Cross:
    Why I switched from iPhone to Android

    • It's sharp. The iPhone 4 boasts a new 326-DPI, 960-by-640 LCD display.
    • It's faster than the 3GS, thanks to the addition of Apple's custom A4 chip.
    • It has a better camera, plus a new front-facing camera that allows for (limited) video chat.
    • It has new features from the iPhone OS -- err, sorry, iOS -- 4.0 release. These include primarily things that have been available in Android-powered devices for some time, so we won't spend much energy focusing on them here.
    • Oh, and it also has that gyroscope thingie.

    iPhone 4 vs. AndroidPitted up against the HTC EVO 4G, arguably the highest-end Android phone on the market right now, the iPhone 4 comes out ahead in the display department: Its 960-by-640 resolution beats the EVO's 800-by-480 resolution, though the EVO offers a larger screen (4.3 inches next to the iPhone's 3.5 inches). The new iPhone is also about a tenth of an inch thinner than the EVO.

    Do those advantages have you seeing stars? Because they're pretty much where the new iPhone's competitive perks end.

    (I know, I know: I left out the gyroscope thingie. Quite frankly, I'm not sure most typical users will understand or care what it is, let alone notice the difference it makes. If it excites you, feel free to add it into the list above.)

    Apple's iPhone 4 vs. Android: The Smackdown

    iPhone 4 vs. AndroidConsider now where Android, despite this week's iPhone progress, comes out ahead. We'll start with the basics on the handset-to-handset comparison:

    The EVO has a better camera: 8 megapixels compared to the iPhone 4's 5 megapixels. [Update: As several commenters have pointed out, it's unfair to compare the cameras based on megapixels alone. So consider this item stricken from the list.]
    • The EVO has limitless video chatting, whereas the iPhone's "futuristic" video chatting works only over Wi-Fi and only with other iPhone 4 users.
    • In speed, the EVO uses a 1GHz processor. The iPhone, meanwhile, is said to use the same A4 processor as the iPad, which suggests it also has a 1GHz chip (Apple hasn't explicitly disclosed the processor's specifics). No formal device-to-device benchmarks have been completed yet, but some initial impressions suggest the new iPhone may not be noticeably faster than its predecessor. Either way, new cutting-edge Android devices will be coming out practically every month; this iPhone will likely be the only hardware available until Apple's next hurrah in 2011. You do the math.

    Then there's the other important stuff the new iPhone is still lacking:

    • The existence of full multitasking, outside of carefully defined and limited circumstances.
    • Any significant customization options (and no, the ability to set your own wallpaper doesn't count as significant, even if Steve Jobs says it's "amazing" and "really wonderful"). Don't like Android's interface? No problem: You can change almost every facet of the user experience, should the urge strike.
    • System-wide voice-to-text input.
    • Live, functioning home screen widgets.
    • The ability to swap out the phone's battery.
    • High-quality navigation software that isn't a separate purchase.
    • Anything that matches the numerous innovations coming from Android 2.2 -- things like over-the-air music syncing and streaming, cloud-to-device messaging, and mobile hotspot functionality.
    • The choice to use a carrier that isn't AT&T (I don't think I have to spell out the numerous reasons why).
    • Tethering that doesn't cost you $20 a month.
    • The ability to install any app you want, even if it's something morally objectionable -- you know, like porn. Or political satire.
    • The ability to use an app that Apple sees as competition, like Google Voice.
    • The ability to view Flash-based content on your phone. (See also: Why the Apple crowd's completely wrong about Flash)
    • The ability to use your device the way you want -- not the way Steve Jobs thinks you should.

    (Side note: I read somewhere that the new iPhone has a handful of hidden features most people don't know about. If anyone ever sees the "Soul Scanner" in action, let me know and we'll re-evaluate.)

    Apple's iPhone 4 vs. Android: Final Thoughts

    In the end, there's little question that Apple's new iPhone will be a commercial success. And hey, if you're the kind of person who buys into Apple's world, you'll probably love it (in fact, I think that might be a contractual requirement).

    The tides are turning, though, and more and more people are starting to realize that there is a more powerful and open alternative. Yes, the old "but what about the apps?" argument is still out there -- but it's becoming less relevant with each passing month. And, let's be honest, does anyone really need more than 50,000 apps to find what they want? The vast majority of Apple's selection sits unused.

    Here's the truth: Steve Jobs is many things, but stupid is not one of them. He's undoubtedly aware of the strides his competition is making in mobile technology, and he's iPhone 4 vs. Androidundoubtedly made a conscious decision to do things his way, with his control, instead of trying to keep up with the paces. It's a decision that should feel awfully familiar to Steve and the Apple empire; they've been in this boat before, and we all know how it ended.

    So mark my words: This won't be remembered as the year the iPhone got folders, a faster chip, or a gyroscope. This will be remembered as the year the iPhone stopped paving the way and started transitioning into the third-place platform -- albeit, the very pretty third-place platform -- it's destined to become.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

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    Top 10 Reasons to Buy Android 2.1 Smartphone


    Top 10 Reasons to Buy Android 2.1 SmartphoneThe HTC Hero has already made waves in the market with its varied offers in just one cell phone taking personalization to next level, which no has yet offered. It just isn’t a phone it can serve as personal guide if you are on vacation, an office assistant when working, a personal assistant for juggling daily activities on time. In short, a very smart phone serving all the purposes. This android phone will be getting its Android 2.1 update which is going to add up more value to its already existing features. Some of the excited features being offered in the new OS update are.

    1. Voice controls:

    Now step into the technology and control your phone with your voice. The implementation of this feature is massive, now all you have to do is demand it with your voice and let your android do it all for you; from writing emails to sms, to sending tweets to what not? Now let your android play genie for you and take all your wishes as its commands and obey them! How amazing is that?

    2. Google Earth:

    Traveling never had been so fun and static! Now just be sitting in one place you can travel the world! From cities to roads to borders, travel and search it all on your android google earth. Experience the same 3d imagery which you do at your computer! Now travel around the world in just 60 mins! Or make the journey shorter just fly through the air around the world in 60 secs just like Aladdin and Jasmine did.

    3. Phonebook:

    Now get all your contacts stored in one place! Let it be from your phonebook or your facebook contact list or any other source. Now have it all in one place for much quicker access.

    4. Email:

    Now have more than one gmail accounts and keep them working from one inbox without separating accounts, this feature surely is a blessing in disguise, now you can keep your personal and other accounts separate but yet work them both from same inbox!

    5. Weather App:

    With the rise of global warming the weather is becoming more and more unpredictable it is shining one minute and pouring the next. Now make the weather your friend and pre predict its mood and go accordingly with this cool application which keeps you updated on minute to minute account of the temperature and weather conditions in the present locality.

    6. Interactive wallpapers:

    Wallpapers may not be a very important feature but surely they are the most viewed thing on the cell phone. So why not make it interesting? Android 2.1 takes care of it by introducing interactive wallpapers which lets you interact and play around with your wallpaper.

    7. Homescreens:

    Five homescreens now come with Android 2.1 which means you can shove in more applications and widgets from the varied collection on the Android market.

    8. Photo gallery:

    Now keep a perfectly arranged album gathered by time, date and location and look through them on a 3D wall and relive those moments!

    9. App Launcher:

    Gone are the drag and pull days, now its time to hit a button and let everything whoosh into place all by itself!.

    10. Firmware upgrade:

    Few fortunate android users will be able to avail the new firmware feature by upgrading the existing devices to 2.1.

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    Top 10 Best Motorola Droid Apps for Business


    Top 10 Best Motorola Droid Apps for BusinessTop Must-Have Android Apps for Business Whether you're running the next great business pitch from your phone or you just need to 10 Must-Have Android Apps for Business  When IT professionals cheat · The Tablets of MWC 2011: Watch Your Back Apple e, links, files, reviews, contact details, and more Must Have Android Apps for Business Man Android Apps Must Have Android Apps 2011 for business anc carrier users. Highly needed an business apps in a real deal android apps.l calls at comparatively cheaper rates then the usual fares.

    1. Google Voice:

    The Google voice is an amazing application for all the Android users. The application allows the users to utilize a new phone number that could be used for text messaging and making and receiving international calls at comparatively cheaper rates then the usual fares.

    2. Stocks:

    The stock portfolios could be easily maintained with the use of Stocks application by the Android phone users. This would definitely help and guide the Android users in keeping track of their preferred stock profiles and thereby adding charm to their portfolio.

    3. Phonebook:

    The Android users could easily track, monitor and navigate through their phone contacts. The Phonebook application of the Android phones is compatible with the social networking websites that could grab the data from these social networks also.

    4. Bump:

    The sharing of data and files between smart phones has become extremely easy with the use of Bump application for all the Android phone users. The easiness and quick pace of data sharing adds considerable value to this Android application.

    5. Sprite Backup:

    Backing-up the important data is the need of the day and with the advent of the smart-phone it has become all the more important. But Android users would not have to worry as the Sprite Backup application would itself provide backup for all the data stored in the Android handsets.

    6. Documents to Go:

    The Android applications have revolutionized the conventional smart phones software. Another link in this chain is the Documents to go application that is specifically designed for all those Android users who have the capacity to make an immense use of the MS Office and other documentation software.

    7. Seesmic:

    The Seesmic application of the Android phones has made it all easier for the users to share their images and videos on the social networks and other associated blogs. Furthermore the users could access the twitter with the device at the same time.

    8. Evernote:

    Evernote application is merely a reminder kind of software that allows the Android users to locate the places and persons with their images and other files.

    9. Astrid:

    The Astrid application makes it possible for the Android users to organize and manage their regular chores and tasks. The Android users could now easily monitor their appointments and could modify them at their ease and flexibility.

    10. Locale

    Locale application is the latest addition to the breed of Android phones. It has grabbed the market and appealed the prospective Android users since first day of its inception. The application allows the users to make use of Global Positioning system consolidated with the Wi-Fi experience at the same time.

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    40 Modern futuristic mobile phone concepts


    Mobile PhoneTop Futuristic and modern mobile phone concepts must have by designer mobile phone as inspirations and ideas in design ways. In today’s society, mobile phones have become a neccessity in our lives as it’s an important tool of communication. With the number of mobile phone users on the rise, companies are racking their brains on phone designs to attract customers. Two great examples would be the popular Apple’s iPhone and Blackberry which are packed with rich and useful features.

    Basically this is the concept behind the mobile phone and after this it was just a matter of time to judge they worth it to came in front of us. There are many concept phones out there created by designers around the world that come with sleek designs and state-of-the-art technologies.

    Even though these concept phones may attract the eyes of users, but phone companies such as Nokia and Samsung are unwilling to bring them to commercial purposes due to the hefty production cost.

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Windows Unveils Phone of Future

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    The mobile phones are day by day going just beyond the imagination of people and a feature or a function that you were thinking of finding in a mobile phone in the coming years like in 2015 is already in use today and the Windows Future Phone can be the best instance ever that have been able to marvel just everybody with its amazing collection of features and all advanced technologies.

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Among the must-naming features of the Windows Future Phone, the intuitive user interface, 3D video calling and the "bend and twist" features of this phone are something that are out of this world and impressively tempting. If there is a rainfall, this phone will love to get wet with you and for text messaging you will just have to blow air on it,amazing ah?

    Motorola Nest

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Apple iPhone Nano

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    iPhone with iChat

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Nokia Aeon

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Sony Ericsson Concept Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Samsung SLIQ

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Sony Ericsson C918 Cyber-shot

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Windows Mobile 7

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Samsung BRIX

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Touch Screen Rotary phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Quartz Tele (Illuminated Crystal Phone)

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Nokia Pulse Projector

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Sony Black Tribute

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Intel MID

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Bracelet Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    BenQSiemens Snake phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Dark Label Retroxis Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Black Box

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    BYB Balance

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    NEC Tag

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    The Glassy Glassy Mobile Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts


    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Asus Aura

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Alcatel Lego Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts


    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    iPhone Slider Qwerty

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    iPhone ELITE

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Titanium iPhone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Futuristic iPhone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Rumen Penev Slider Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Motorola Briq

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Cadillac Life Phone

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Bellperre’s bespoken luxury cell phone blends fashion with tech

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Bellperre is venturing out of the woods into the world of customization by offering a high fashion luxury phone. Their latest bespoke service allows the consumer to walk away with a cell phone exclusively designed to their taste. The company offers a chance to dress up the solid metal frame and steel buttons in luxurious finishes like brushed steel and polished silver. And those who seek bling can opt for 18K rosé gold and 24K yellow gold finish. A choice of more than 125 exotic leather skins helps to add final touches. Opt from black buffalo, brown lizard, pink crocodile, red shark and ostrich leather to beautify Bellperre’s latest cell phone.

    Provoke 2012 Phone Concept

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Provoke Design is Nokia’s main Design contractor and they have come up with future headset design of Nokia. They have created three concepts, Express, Share and Feel. The look of the Express design can be changes as per your preferences and tastes. The Feel handset is basically designed for couples as this pair helps in deep communication with touch replication. The share concept enables the cults to interact in a personalized code formed within their sub-groups. Like other products this one is also facing new challenges, but it will surely achieve its goal.

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Magic Stone Phone Concept

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    his amazing phone has all the functions of a contemporary phone such as: mobility, constant Internet connection, access to documents, games and the best possibilities and means of communication and contact. But these are just basic features. The most important feature is, that you can create your own phone case, fully customizable, painted with pictures you pick from the Internet, you can create the phone of your dream, a brand to call your own. With the "Magic Stone" each customer will be able to feel himself a creator and to see a real embodiment of it’s creation. Year after year the need of self-expression is growing.

    Another interesting feature, is that the phone doesn’t require a power charge, it’s case is covered with a nano-material which converts the Sun light into energy or you can use the wireless charging, meaning the battery is charged from magnetic fields. The "Magic Stone" has a touch screen display, but the display is also a hologram projector which is created by a laser. The hologram can be used to project a keyboard for text typing, a map as a GPS, 3D objects such as games, a video or picture viewer, the laser bunches can read the motion in the holographic projection field enabling the user to stretch, minimize, rotate or bank the hologram.

    The designer, Aleksander Mukomelov, has thought about everything a user would want from his phone. The "Magic Stone" was also awarded a winner in the Red Dot Design Award 2009.

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Vertu Suave, the Feminine Pink Gold Phone of 2015

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    Vertu handset designed for ladies this time, this concept was created by Christopher Tak Cheung Yue and it’s the new definition of luxury and sophistication. It comes with organic shapes and turns into a comfortable interaction environment.

    In order to make it a real Vertu, it includes precious metals like yellow gold or pink gold (front side) plus a titanium rim and sheep skin leather (back side).

    Next Generation iPhone Concept with Palm Interface

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    The future iPhone is here or at least in conceptual form. Given that size, design and features need to be drastically innovated, the NOT A Phone – Next Generation iPhone, delves into the projection arena. So basically you strap the next-gen iPhone to your wrist and project the display to your palm. You can figure out rest of the drill from the images,designed by Samuel Lee Kwon.

    Amazing futuristic mobile phone concepts

    We see a lot of conceptual designs every year ranging from mobile phones, laptops, earpieces or any other gadget. These concepts reveal amazing and fuctionality in mobile phone.

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