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Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Top Best Android Apps Must Have Check out these top best Android must have apps to improve your Android mobile. If you own an Android powered phone and are wondering what Apps you need to download, look no further. Here is an in-depth list neatly sorted for your App-finding pleasure. If you just got a new Android phone and are looking for the best apps to add, then you are in the right place.Why? Because in the process, thousands of great Apps have been produced, so we choose Top Best Android Apps Must Have for you.

Here are ten of the apps, selected from the over 8000 Android apps from Android Market.

Best App for Running, My Tracks

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Hardcore runners no longer need to shell out hundreds of dollars for an expensive GPS watch. If you have a GPS-enabled Android phone, you can get most of the same features for free with Google's My Tracks. My Tracks records and displays your distance, duration, elevation, pace, and other information in real time while you run (or ride, or hike). Even better, it integrates with Google Docs and Google Maps to record all of your running data so you can show off to your friends.

Best Twitter App, Seesmic

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

If you use the desktop or web version of Seesmic, you'll love this app. It's clean and very intuitive to use, and packs a whole lot of features into a tiny little app. You can use your Bit.ly username and API key, making it easy to track your tweeted short URLs and resulting clicks. You can also set all sorts of notifications to alert you of various updates and messages.

Best App to Consolidate Your Phones, Google Voice

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Google Voice gives you a single phone number that rings all your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. Other features include listening in on messages while they are being left, recording calls, making low-cost international calls, recording custom greetings for your favorite callers, and blocking annoying callers by marking them as spam.

Best App for Sending Email, K9 Email

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

K-9 Mail is an excellent free and open source email client that can handle IMAP, POP, WebDav, and some not-so-finicky exchange servers. This app is an improved and more full-featured version of the Mail app that comes with your Android phone. You have control over how often you poll for messages and the number of messages to display. Even if your phone is not your primary email client, you may want to use a client like this to check mail when you are between places.

Best App for Identifying Music, Shazam

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Do you believe in magic? Maybe you will after trying out Shazam, a jaw-droppingly awesome music identifier. If you can't place the song playing in the room at any moment, just open Shazam and tell it to listen for a few seconds. It has the uncanny ability to recognize the track and tell you pretty much anything you need to know about it. This is great for settling bar bets, and perfect for filling out all the info for your friend's mix CD that imported with helpful song names like "Track 01."

Best App for Note Taking, Evernote

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

The notes that you take with the Evernote app can be accessed from both your Android device and your computer. You can quickly add a text note, audio note, photo snapshot, or file upload to your library from any of your devices. One particularly cool feature is Notes Nearby, which lets you find notes that were written near your current GPS location. I used this at a recent wine tasting event, and when I went back to the liquor store a few weeks later, I found my notes and exactly what I was looking for.

Best App for Live Video Broadcasting, Qik

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Qik lets you stream live video directly from your Android phone to the Internet, where the world can watch in real time. Give your viewers your personal URL and tell them when you plan to start recording. When your show ends, keep your video archived for later viewing, or share it with your friends through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Best Nintendo Emulator, Nesoid

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Feeling nostalgic for those old 8-bit games, or just in the mood to go retro? Nesoid isn't a game, but rather a platform on your Android phone for playing the old NES games you used to love. And there are plenty of public domain and freeware NES console games out there for you to find. Search for a ROM (a read-only memory file from the original cartridge) online by opening a browser window from the app. Then, download it to your phone and load it up in Nesoid to get playing!

Best Electronic Book Reader, Aldiko

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Who needs another expensive device dedicated to just reading books when you already have your Android phone with you? Aldiko gets mobile book reading right, with an eye-pleasing, customizable format (by font, color, margins, etc.). You can curl up with your favorite books or take them on the go. Aldiko will read any ePub file, which you can import yourself or download through Aldiko's online catalog.

Best Travel-Booking App, Kayak

Top Best Android Apps Must Have

Kayak.com is one of the largest travel search sites, and this app brings its flight, hotel, car rental, and other trip searches to your Android phone in a clean, easy-to-navigate interface. Like the website it integrates with, the Kayak app sifts through the data from hundreds of different travel sites, allowing you to compare options, prices, and more before sending you off to book your trip in whatever manner you want, whether it's at the airline site, the hotel, a car rental company, or a travel agent.


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